With a maximum abrasive effect, K9 Plus removes deep scratches andsanding marks, making it ideal for professional car care and paint maintenance.  The product removes scratches with 1200 and over sandpapers, giving a unique high performance result.

  • With fast cutting properties the product removes 1200 sand and sanding marks
  • Time saving and efficient
  • Effective for professional use
  • Minimum dust creation
  • Cutting 99% 99%
  • Polishing 60% 60%


The superior technology that created K8 Plus means scratches are removed in record time, with minimal dust creation during application.  Removes scratches with 1500 and 1500+ sandpaper.

  • A new generation innovative technology product
  • Fast scratch removal
  • High brightness
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Application tools:  Hard sponge pad, and lambswool pad.
  • Cutting 85% 85%
  • Polishing 80% 80%


K7 Plus  delivers high performance heavy cut polish action for fast and easy removal of deep scratch on both new and weathered paintwork.  The product removes from 1200 and finer grit sandpapers leaving a high gloss finish.  The product can be used on the car body, detailing, painted wood and some specific industrial applications.


  • Even intense sandpaper marks are quickly removed
  • Highly efficient and fast acting product
  • Application tools:  Hard sponge pad, and lambswool pad.
  • Cutting 75% 75%
  • Polishing 60% 60%


K6 Plus quickly and effectively removes minor scratches, leaving a brilliant shine on the surface.  The product is able to quickly deal with scratches and provides lasting protection to the surface.  When time is of the essence, this is the perfect product to choose.


  • Fast, effective and efficient
  • Delivers a deep, wet-look shine to the vehicle surface
  • Smooth, silicone free surface
  • Application tools:  Hard sponge pad, and lambswool pad.
  • Cutting 60% 60%
  • Polishing 85% 85%


For a showroom finish, this standard polish delivers a perfect shine and high level of brilliance to your vehicle bodywork, along with providing protection to environmental damage from dust, grit and bird mess.


  • Superb, deep brightness
  • Wet-look shine finish
  • Easy to use
  • Protects against effects of pollutants
  • Application tools:  Soft foam pad, and lambswool pad.
  • Cutting 20% 20%
  • Polishing 99% 99%


When the need is for fast elimination of holograms, minor scratches and swirl marks, this is the perfect product.  In addition, the product delivers a mirror shine finish on both old and new paintwork.


  • Utilises next generating coating technology
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • Extremely durable
  • Delivers maximum protection against environmental pollutants
  • Use: Rotary or Manual

  • Application tool: Soft foam pad.
  • Cutting 10% 10%
  • Polishing 90% 90%