Carwax Application Packages

We are pleased to offer antibacterial cleaning and ceramic coating.  We use specialist paint protection films to ensure your vehicle remains chip free, with an invisible shield.  All our packages are guaranteed so visit one of our franchises today and see what we can do for you and your car.

Ceramic Premium

9H ceramic technology gives your car the protection it needs against chips, dirt, heat and even graffiti.  Developed for the oil and space industry, it is the pinnacle of protection for your vehicle.

Full Plus

Opting for this package will give not only give you nano technology level protection for your paint work but also includes antibacterial cleaning (plus or eco package).

Deep Plus

Antibacterial cleaning for your interior, for when you want more than a basic valet.  Removes, odours, spills and other stains and ensures your vehicle is safe, virus free and kept as clean as when it left the showroom.

Shine Plus

This package offers you classic paint protection.  Using nano technology, our technicians can ensure your vehicle exterior will remain as perfect as the day you bought the car.


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Whether you’re a Sunday car cleaner or take a professional pride in your vehicle, CarWax always offers the best price and quality for your needs, including paint protection using the latest technology, machinery and equipment to keep your car looking perfect, we have it all in our catalogues.  So you are just a click away from finding the right product for your needs, at the right price.
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