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  • Different Installation Models
  • Unique Concept
  • Unlimited Education Support
  • Unlimited Marketing Support
  • Different Service Options
  • With Wide Product Range…

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With CarWax’s standard service approach, quality and variety of chemical products’ performance, station decorations that distinguish itself, professional operating systems, innovations in the industry, supporting teams and corporate structure, maximum care for customer satisfaction shows that Carwax is the perfect address for franchise. are just a few of the reasons
CarWax is a company that started to operate in the Car Care sector in 2000 as a supplier of chemicals and car paint care and protection products. Our goal is to grow with successful franchisees, to be a close follower of the developments in the constantly developing sector, and to fulfill their demands 100% in a way that will benefit above the wait for products and services.

CarWax is the fastest growing brand in the car care sector, so if you are wanting to join this winning team, we are always looking for new investors to join our franchise network.
Join Our Franchise Chain

If you care about high quality service in the car care industry, and understand the need for high performance of chemical products, franchise interiors that stand out and professional operating systems, coupled with constant innovation, motivated teams and a supportive corporate structure, CarWax is the perfect opportunity for you.  Established in 2000 as a chemical supplier our goal is to continue our growth with franchises and ensure that we always deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers.  What is important for us is the right location, the right entrepreneur and the premises. 

Franchise sites with a minimum size of 270m are optimum, ideally located in shopping centres where the potential reach is greatest.  Costs vary depending on size of location, and the current level of mechanical and electric equipment at the site. As a guide the costs are between $25,000 – $43,000 for a shopping centre installation.  CarWax has an audit team who will liaise with new and existing franchisees to ensure standards are met and provide advice.  Analysis of sales and turnover / revenue are undertaken using our special web-based CRM software which can give reports on turnover and diversity of services.  Included in this software is analysis of requests and suggestions received online from customers which enable us to work on continuously improving and innovating to ensure we remain the top performing brand in the sector.  So if you think you have the right attitude, approach and belief in premium car care, contact us today for more details of how to join our franchise programme.

  • CarWax Brand – Works with the world’s leading organizations that set industry,
  • Standards in the protection, cleaning and accessory applications of automobiles and other vehicles,
  • Successfully established as a premium car care provider in Turkey since 2000the work,
  • Constantly reviewing and updating the company’s technology in line with innovations in the protection and accessorising of new and used vehicles,
  • Extensive and diverse range of products,
  • Complete technical and marketing training given to all franchisees,
  • Full training provided on application methods and equipment specially designed for all protection and development systems to ensure consistency,
  • Exclusive access to CarWax’s patented, high quality professional products,
  • Access to advertising materials (brochures, posters, newspapers and magazine graphics which can be easily adapted to local needs, reducing costs of advertising through dealership participation,
  • Guidance and advice on site selection, layout and décor to ensure professional looking dealerships that are consistent with the CarWax brand image,
  • Head office training for managers, technical and sales staff in all aspects of running and maintaining the dealership,
  • Minimum two weeks assistance, both sales and technical when each new franchise opens,
  • Continuous audit and assistance programme for both technical and marketing issues,
  • Access to continuous research and development results and new products
  • Intra-franchise communication system to ensure ongoing knowledge sharing between all franchise sites, including customer details and sales and marketing information.
  • There are so many benefits to being a CarWax franchisee that we cannot list them all, so contact us today to discuss how we can help you become part of our winning team.

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