Ceramic Application

Ceramic Coating (Premium)

The CarWax C9 ceramic coating used in the Ceramic Premium package is permanently applied to the paint surface of your vehicle.  It lasts for 3 years following application and is resistant to nearly all chemicals.  The coating penetrates the deepest points of the pores on the surface, forming a smooth micro-coating cover as a cross-link. Because the layer of coating is fixed to the surface of the vehicle, it protects your car’s paintwork from abrasion, discolouration and damage from resin, bird droppings or other potentially damaging items. The coating does not wear, spill, yellow, crack, or peel due to its advanced chemical and technologically innovative properties.  Easy cleaning of abrasives and pollutants such mud, bird droppings, acid rain and resins is facilitated by its anti-static properties.








  • Paint Removal (Killer Application)
  • Deep Scratch Removal (K9)
  • Medium Etching (K6)
  • Deepening and the Holograms Paint Removal (K5)
  • Surface Preparation & Drying
  • Ceramic Coating 1st Floor (C9)
  • 1 Hour waiting time
  • Ceramic Coating 2nd Floor (C9)
  • 12 Hours Cure Time (Ultraviolet Support)
  • Control and Delivery

Delivery time

  • Application Time 6-8 Hours (Average)
  • Curing Time 12 hours (Minimum)
  • Delivery Time 24 Hours (Minimum)