It is an active cleaning foam that you can use in your car seat covers, ceiling and floor cleaning. It absorbs bad odors thanks to its orange and orange scent. It can be used on fabric, velvet and artificial leather, as well as on in-vehicle plastic and alloy surfaces.
  • Cleaning 99% 99%
  • Antibacterial 99% 99%


It is a fast hygienic disinfection and cleaning product designed to be used in vehicle, vehicle air conditioning systems and interior of vehicle vehicles. It removes odors caused by bacteria, fungi and microbes. It prevents allergic reactions and leaves a pleasant smell.

  • Antibacterial 99% 99%
  • Permanence 95% 95%


Plastic and rubber parts are used for cleaning and shine in vehicle cockpits. It gives a new appearance to discolored surfaces due to dust and prolonged use. It is anti static, repels dust. It prolongs the life of plastic surfaces. Helps prevent cockpit squeaks.

  • Brightness 100% 100%
  • Cleaning 95% 95%


Super fast polish suitable for daily professional and amateur use. The nutritious raw materials it contains polishes the paint. Antistatic and anti-rough structure delays dusting. Spray on clean paint at a distance of 15-20 cm. Wipe clean with a clean lint-free cloth.

  • Brightness 90% 90%
  • Water Repellency 100% 100%
  • Stain Prevention 99% 99%


The oil accumulated on the rim penetrates the lining dust and stubborn dirt very quickly and dissolves the dirt. It does not damage steel or alloy wheels in any way. Protects brake discs against rust. It provides brightness besides cleaning. It does not contain acid.

  • Brightness 85% 85%
  • Cleaning 99% 99%


It is used for tire cleaning and polishing of all wheeled vehicles. It cleans dirt that has penetrated into fine spots, polishes the worn tire and provides a new look. It does not damage steel or alloy wheels. Thanks to its content, it provides excellent care. It prevents hardening.

  • Permanence 91% 91%
  • Polishing 98% 98%


Tire Repair and Inflator Spray can be used in all passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles, light commercial vehicles or caravans. Tire Repair Spray is manufactured to repair and inflate tire bursts for emergencies. Usually vehicle tires burst at the most unexpected moments. With this spray, you can easily solve the troublesome and torch-changing tire problem. Tire Repair Spray repairs your punctured tire with its special formula that is rubberized when it comes into contact with air and can inflate up to 20 psi. Latex Repair Spray removes punctured tires without removing them. It is a practical, fast and reliable product, it does not damage the tire. It ceases to stay on the road with a flat tire. Tire Repair and Inflator Spray is a product that must be found in all vehicles, considering the difficult road conditions.

  • Tire Repair 99% 99%
  • Practical Use 100% 100%


It cleans stubborn bird droppings from fly and insect residues caused by road conditions in land vehicles such as cars and trucks.

It removes asphalt contaminated from new asphalted roads to starter bio, rims without damaging the surfaces.

Especially the cleaning of flies and insects sticking to the windshield on the long road is difficult.

You can safely and quickly clean with Pitch Remover spray

  • Cleaning 100% 100%


It is used on all metal surfaces arising from water and moisture and trapped by rust.

Tightened bolt nuts, hand tools, land and sea fishing gear, bicycle, motorcycle, door and cabinet hinges, and all metal parts like these are the main uses.

After removing the rust, it creates a thin film on the surface and delays rust in later stages. It does not harm plastic surfaces.

  • Cleaning 99% 99%


It cleans caliper and pads, discs, drums, brake center cylinder, vices, springs and clutch parts in the brake system and increases the holding feature. Thanks to its special formula, it combines with the powder and provides the cleaning of greases, tars and other oils that are layered without much effort. You can also use the packaging by turning it upside down by 180 °.

  • Cleaning 99% 99%


Developed for the internal cleaning of motorcycle helmets. With its new generation formula, it is used for cleaning stains such as sweat, skin oil and dirt. It helps to remove bad odors from bacteria.

  • Cleaning 100% 100%
  • Permanence 95% 95%


Developed for cleaning motorcycle helmets. While driving, it can be used safely in oil, soot, insect stains, internal surface cleaning, without leaving misting on the glass. It helps to ensure clear vision.

  • Cleaning 100% 100%
  • Permanence 99% 99%


It is a high quality grease lubricant that is resistant to cold and heat and can work under heavy dynamic loads. It is used in chained and sliding mechanisms. It can also be used on running machines. It has good friction property. It also has a protective effect in addition to lubrication in wire and rope (such as elevators) constructions. It is suitable for chains used in motorcycles. Chains, sprockets, door hinges, rails, ball bearings, snap rings, O and X rings, wire ropes and all kinds of dynamic joints are effective for a long time in internal and external lubrication. It can operate between -40 ° C and + 200 ° C. It does not drip, it has high adhesion to surfaces, prevents corrosion, has moisture and water repellent properties.

  • Holding onto the Surface 90% 90%
  • Permanence 90% 90%


Fast acting, non-permanent, industrial oil and grease solvent spray.

It is suitable for all metals and alloys. It dissolves all dirt, oil and other tarred industrial residues.

It does not leave any residue. Bearing, sliding bearing, hinge, motorcycle and industrial chains, moving parts.

It is used to clean the parts on the de-energized machines (such as bearings, gear etc.), CNC lathes and milling machines and other equipment from oil, grease and tarred dirt.

  • Cleaning 99% 99%
  • Permanence 90% 90%


Protects motorcycle and bicycle chains. Contains TEFLON.

It provides excellent grip. It can be used even on performance motorcycles. It is resistant to abrasion, weather conditions and dehumidifier.

Provides long-term lubrication for motorcycle chains, leaf springs, hinges, joints, bearings, etc. Silicone-free.

  • Holding onto the Surface 99% 99%
  • Permanence 90% 90%


It is used to refresh the environment in vehicles and to ensure that the air smells clean. Thanks to its strong formulas, the duration of the product is preserved.

  • Essence 100% 100%
  • Permanence 100% 100%